Sponsor Just 1


Becoming a Just 1 Sponsor means you are providing a bridge of opportunity the will connect one child to a future filled with hope. Sponsorship will provide a child with education, health, food, and housing. 


-15 children needing sponsorship for private education for next 10 months. 

-2 children needing sponsorship to finish public school for next 4 months at home

-2 young women needing support for university over next two years

Health and Food:

-help a family with kids receive food bags each month

-few children need doctor visit covered, medicine, and dental work 

With schools being online, several children are not receiving meals and help. 

Just 1 Volunteer

We are always praying for Just 1 person to step up and help us to reach Just one child. Below are the positions open for volunteering. Position can be filled in States or living in Honduras.

-Tutors for students we serve

-Interceders to pray for the children and the mission

-Social media and photographer

-Graphic Designers

-Mission Trip planner and Event planner

-Sports Ministers to live in Honduras and assist in managing teams and outreach programs